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While we are both natives of Denver, Colorado, and now live FULL TIME on the road embracing the #vanlife movement.


On the road, our goal is simple! We want to travel and capture the Testimonies of kingdom builders! 


God has called us to find new languages to worship Him, share how He is moving all around the world, and meet with others along the way. 

We hope you will join us and be inspired to share what God is doing in your community.

First things first, we breathe winter. Between November and May, there is a very high chance you will find us on the ski slopes. If we aren’t playing in the mountains, we may be found exploring wine country, wandering around cities, or camping near a national park.


We have another traveling companion, Gryffindor! Gryff loves to chase tennis balls, swim, and cuddle before bed. He is always up for an adventure, so of course, he is joining us around the world!
We both love Jesus and have built the foundations of our lives on Him. If you see us at church, we are the goofballs praising God, dancing around with our hands high in the air. 
Our freedom in Christ is evident in the joy we find in the relationships in our lives. Most days of the week we are sharing a meal at the table with our friends and families. 
We hope you enjoy following along on the adventure and we hope you see the evidence of God in every post, picture, or video. Follow our YouTube Page to stay up to date on the latest travel videos.
Love overflowing, 
John & Viv 

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