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Hurried? Me Too.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Happy Election Day. Great news, I'm NOT going to talk about it. Instead, how about a 3 minute read on a topic that has shaped me greatly. Not only has opened the door for something as crazy as vanlife, but it has also inspired me to be excited about such a drastically different lifestyle.

Growing up my Dad would always tell me to "Be quick, but don't hurry," one of John Wooden's most famous sayings. My dad usually said this while coaching basketball or baseball, but the older I've gotten the more I've begun to apply this idea to the rest of my life. John Wooden's quote is as important to sports as it is to life, love, business, work, play, and faith.

My world has been a whirlwind as of late. Now that I think about it, I have been "hurrying" for most of my life. While a packed schedule has always been something I've taken a fair amount of fulfillment (and pride) in, it has also been something that has dominated my decisions and impacted my friendships, my family, and my relationship with God.

Anyone else find themselves trying to schedule God in?

In his stirring read, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry John Mark Comer hits on this topic OVER and over again. From a brief history of how our culture has found its worth in a busy schedule, we as humans have found ourselves living lives skimming the surface of meaning and impact, as we rush from destination to destination. He addresses the realities of the pressures of family, money, jobs, kids, sickness, and more and still methodically walks the reader, in this case -- ME, to reveal that a hurried life is one God never intended us to live.

My mind is patterned into a hurried state from the moment I wake with my first action being to check my phone, to the thousands of other touches I give it during the day as I am buzzed for texts, emails, reminders, and more.

But the life Jesus offers us is profoundly different than the culture we are surrounded by. As we read the biography of Christ in the gospels, we see Jesus always present right where he is. Happy to sit and have a drink with friends, to solitude with his Father in Heaven, to engage with those in need--EVEN when he was busy doing something else...even something important (just go read Mark 5:21-43).

We are at a disadvantage to live this kind of hurry free life, one that is fully present at all times, one that has the margin to take a phone call, pause and help someone, or simply be kind to strangers. Church people and pastors probably are at the top of the list, running from engagement to engagement, prepping for talks, taking pastoral calls, meeting with people, weddings, funerals, church planning, staff meetings, and more. The job doesn't really stop.

Perhaps it was coming from this life that has revealed my own addiction to hurry. But honestly, there are many more signs that were present in my life, that may be present in yours too.

-Do you snap back at your roommates, partner, or friends when they say something innocuous?

-Do you find yourself on your phone for hours every day that could be spent with those your love or actually pursuing or learning something you care about?

-Do you find yourself running to an escape of some sort throughout your day or night to feel more rest in your hurried life? - Netflix, booze, pornography, snacks, more work, etc.

-Do you have any margin to help others in need throughout your day?

-Do you have a short fuse and seem to treat others poorly?

-What is that voice inside your head saying throughout your day?

My answers to just a few of these questions revealed that I had left a peaceful life a while ago in pursuit of something else entirely. And I want to get back to the peaceful and restful life that Jesus offers! One that is slow to anger, that is prayerful in all things, that doesn't medicate itself on anything other than the presence of a loving God who wants you. I want to be a better husband, friend, son, and sibling, and the first step I need to take, and maybe some of you with me, is to stop hurrying.

If you want a few practices to do that, feel free to reach out, or just read John Mark Comer's The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.

In the meantime, if you're struggling, would like some prayer, or just need a friend to talk to, please let us know on our prayer request form and we will reach out today!

Love Overflowing,

John (and Viv)

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