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NAPA VALLEY | Don’t Miss These 4 Wineries on Your Next Visit!

Welcome to Wine Country! Viv and I only had 2 days to see and drink our way through Napa Valley which was no where near enough time. We could have easily spent 3 weeks here in the beautiful landscape. We still have a lot to learn about wine, but here are our favorite wineries (and experiences) in Napa Valley!

Robert Mondavi Winery

We have to preface with…we didn’t belong at Robert Mondavi. At a friend’s dinner party last year (Thanks Joani!) we happened to win a visit to this amazing winery. So why not make a whole trip to Napa? From the moment you drive up to the Robert Mondavi winery, you’re greeted with wonderful hospitality and a stunning manicured property. One of the largest wineries in the Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi hosts dozens of events every year and has large enough selection to serve every wine drinker’s palate! We recommend their “All-Day Rosé” as our tour guide called it, their famous Fumé Blanc, and the unforgettable Pinot Noir from their Spotlight Collection.

Castello Di Amorosa

A real winery. A real castle. Need I say more? Not only did we have the chance to tour the castle and taste wine in their cellar, we also danced the night away at Castello’s annual Harvest Celebration. Which wouldn’t be complete without watching a local grape stomping competition! Don’t forget to try their Dolcino Gewürztraminer and their Zingaro Old Vine Red Zinfandel.

Sterling Vineyards

Some wineries walk you through the history of their wine, some introduce you to their winemaker and others, like Sterling Vineyards send you on a gondola trip over their acres of grape vines. The sheer beauty took our breathe away as we enjoyed this unique experience and flavorful wine! You can see Viv and Gabby cheers-ing to the view from Sterling’s rooftop terrace where we enjoyed their Blanc de Blancs sparking wine! Get there early to avoid a long line and enjoy the view from up top!

Chateau Montelena

A chateau covered in ivy, surrounded by trees, a beautiful lake, and stunning vineyards. Chateau Montelena is incredibly beautiful and has an interesting bragging point. In 1973, when French wines were all that people would consider to be drinkable, this tiny vineyard in Napa Valley submitted a Chardonnay in a blind taste test of the most prominent wine experts of the day… and WON! Montelena is now a prominent name in Napa and their Chardonnay is one of the most unique flavors you’ll find in the whole valley.

Enjoy your next trip to Napa and let us know what wineries we still need to visit!

Until next time!


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