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Van Build-Part 1

Are you an electrician? Or plumber? Or an architect? Or a carpenter?

If you are, we just want to say thank you for the work you do, because your jobs are VERY DIFFICULT!

Welcome to the Van Build Part 1, where we wanted to give you all a glimpse at the build from our perspective and invite you behind the scenes a little into our world as we build our first home on wheels.

WAY BACK in the summer of Covid19, we bought a van (which by the way took over a month because there were so few on the market with factories shutting down to comply with pandemic restrictions)

Just look at that blank canvas! Little did we know how much work every step of the process would take! From the notebook full of ideas, and many excel spreadsheets full of potential budgets, we jumped in!

From there we cut a hole...

This sounds easy, however, on day one, we were not exactly pro-van-converters... but if you want windows and a fan, step one is to get out a drill, a massive saw, a grinder, and a file and start hacking away!

Then we cut another hole, this time from the bottom. Let's just say, the RAM PROMASTER doesn't have the most accessible area under the van to install a tank bigger than a few gallons.

Our instructor up to this point had been youtube, but this week, we had to figure it out on our own! Almost killed one another during the process! But, at the end of the day! We hoisted our van up on a lift and got our custom greywater tank installed!


After this ordeal, we took the chance to change our perspective and float high above Colorado Springs in our first ever hot air balloon. This was a weekend away from the build to regroup, experience something new, and have a little fun! Not to mention, that Sky Gypsy Hot Air Ballooning showed us the time of our lives!


But the fun didn't last too long and we got back to work!

The next few projects we tackled were installing our


Each of these took more planning, help, and mistakes to complete than we initially planned but with a little patience, forgiveness, and laughter, we have made it pretty far!

And as always, every step of this install was supervised and approved by Gryffindor!


Before finishing this blog, we just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for all your help so far on the build! We are beyond thankful and truly would be stuck without all of your support.

If you're looking for ways to continue to support us on the road as we visit churches and capture testimonies, please consider lifting us up in PRAYER or supporting us financially! Our prayer requests and methods to receive donations are found HERE.

FINALLY! If you have testimonies, churches, or ministries that you know of that we can capture a testimony with, please LET US KNOW and we will get them on our calendar to visit!


Lastly! Check out our ups and downs of building our cabinets! This video shows the process and is LOADED with BLOOPERS! Make sure to watch until the end if you want to start your Tuesday off with a laugh!

We are so thankful for all of you and can't wait to show you the rest of our build and take you on the road with us as we see all of what God is up to in these crazy times! We are praying for you and are always here if you need anything!

Love Overflowing,

John & Viv

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