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So we hiked the Narrows...Did it live up to the hype? Here were some of the things we read before starting this trek...

"Words just can't describe..."
"Freezing water, breathtaking views."
"Not for the faint of heart."
Here is Viv looking like a National Geographic model. Enjoy.

From the moment we tried to pitch our tent in Zion's campground just outside of the national park (the ground was too hard to actually get a stake in the ground and we had to find boulders to tie our tent to...), we were BLOWN AWAY by the amazing views and stunning scenery.

There are many different hikes to attempt while in Zion but since we were only staying one day, we decided to attempt the Narrows, a 6-mile round trip hike directly up the Virgin River that winds its way through Zion National park.

While we love a solid hike through the mountains, this hike was one for the books with absolutely jaw-dropping scenes around every single corner.

Here are some tips if you're thinking about going...

Bring a stick.

The water is cold, the rocks are slippery. Use a walking stick. It will save you more than you think.

You can rent a walking stick at some of the local shops, and while that may work for many people, we simply picked one up on the short walk on the way to the mouth of the river. If you get up early, you'll find an entire stash of sticks on the bank of the river from the previous day!

On that note...

Get up Early!

If you are on the first bus to in the morning, while you will begin your hike before dawn, you will see more and enjoy more than the hundreds of people to follow you. If you want to take cool pictures without a million people, and you want to enjoy the canyon without the splashing of dozens of people around you, get to the bus stop first.


Rent stuff, or don't?

We hiked in the frigid water in September without renting a single thing and had a great time! We saw tons of people with rented boots, sticks, neoprene socks, and more. But for as late in the season as it was, we were chilly, but not uncomfortable. If you go when we did, we would recommend just wearing some sturdy water shoes and jumping in. If you go in the spring, we would say its probably worth bringing some extra gear.

Next time you're in Zion, make sure you do this hike, and explore the rest of all this park has to offer! We will be back soon!

Love Overflowing,

John & Viv

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